baby led weaning: first foods

We started baby led weaning with soft foods when Charlotte was 6 months old. We gave her avocado, banana, and sweet potatoes first. Avocados were raw sliced into wedges (both with skin and without), bananas were ripe but raw given with half the peel taken off, and sweet potatoes were roasted into wedges or pieces.The following are all foods Charley ate between six and seven months old. She just had two bottom teeth. We would take ingredients from our dinner and prepare them for her.  For example, when we had chili she had chili meat, an avocado and sweet potatoes.Next we tried eggs. We gave her yolk and whites scrambled. These were one of the first foods she could easily feed herself.Overly cooked broccoli florets were next. These just confused her and she wasn’t too interested, but we kept offering them and now she likes them.Mashed potatoes (this was a combo of russet & sweet) will always be a hit. She just shovels these in.We tried a wedge of ripe mango, she sucked on it and got all the juice. Now she likes eating it cut into bite sized pieces.Egg pancakes were a favorite. You mix a mashed ripe banana with a scrambled egg and then cook it like a pancake. These she could feed herself and loved them.We cook a lot of Crock Pot meals. A roast with veggies is perfect for baby since everything gets super soft. I pulled out the meat and veggies and would cut them into bit sized pieces. I would also include beans. She would try to feed herself and I would help her with a spoon or fork if she got frustrated.Then we got the ez-pz mat and meal time became even easier. This was perfect for containing her food, but it still being in her reach. The divided areas also make it easier for her to scoop up her food.

steamed carrots, cauliflower & broccoli with hummas and pulled pork
breakfast for dinner: a tiny piece of sausage (beware of salt), roasted red potatoes, grapefruit, and an egg banana pancake
taco tuesday: avocado, rice/salsa/chicken, and roasted acorn squash
mom’s dinner & charley’s dinner: roasted apples, peas and acorn squash
chowing down on sweet potatoes, hummus and banana


breakfast: banana, mandarin oranges, and eggs
taco meat, avocado, and raw apples (crinkle cut for easier holding)


Sunday family breakfast: cinnamon french toast (no syrup for her) with blueberries & bananas

And lastly, gnawing on a rib at Texas Roadhouse.


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