food at eight months old

Here are some of Charley’s meals at eight months old. Hopefully these meals will inspire you when planning meals for your baby. Leave additional ideas or questions in the comments.

 Valentine’s Day breakfast: scrambled eggs, strawberry puree w/ strawberries, and cut heart sweet potatoes

cooked carrots, homemade chicken tenders cut up with mustard (she got really mad at the mustard) and green yogurt with blueberries.

 Her first spaghetti dinner made w/ brown rice noodles, pasta sauce and ground turkey.

 Mama’s pork loin strip salad & Charley’s diced pork loin, fruit salad and roasted sweet potatoes

 Breakfast at Family Meal – loving their applesauce & pancakes.

 Multigrain rice, purple steamed & diced cauliflower, and diced chicken with cooked spinach

 Sunday family breakfast: mini confetti pancake, scrambled eggs, banana & kiwi

 Green eggs for Dr. Seuss day at school. Scrambled eggs with spinach (no food dyes).

One of the messiest meals to date! Diced kiwi, cooked halved blueberries, and roasted root veggies with spinach.

Strawberry smoothies on the deck. She hasn’t figured out a straw yet, so I spoon fed it to her.


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