packed lunches for baby – may 18,2016

My daughter attends the school that I work at. She’s in their infant care program while I am a preschool director. She is with me there five days a week and I pack her a lunch & afternoon snack every day. She eats at a little table with little chairs with her friends. It is pretty adorable and I am happy they do not place them all in highchairs. They’re already working on their social skills and independence.
They do not heat up food so I bring her a Thermos or cold food. Typically her lunch consists of a protein, veggie & fruit. Her snack is usually a fruit.
Here are her latest lunches:

snack: halved and sliced red seedless grapes and quartered blackberries.
lunch: diced raw ripe pear, whole wheat pasta with parmesan & butter, and steamed peas.

 snack: diced peaches and rapsberries
lunch: potatoes (from a roast), scrambled eggs and avocado

 snack: diced pears
lunch: sliced grapes and rotini pasta with butter, parmesean cheese and broccoli florets

 snack: diced pears & sliced kiwi
lunch: halved blueberries and pasta (cut up whole wheat penne noodles, butternut squash puree and peas)

snack: diced cantaloupe
lunch: halved blueberries, cut up grilled cheese (whole wheat bread & cheddar cheese) and broccoli florets

tip: for sandwiches I roll out her bread using a rolling pin to make it thin. It’s easier for her to eat.


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