dinner ideas – may 20,2016

Over the past week Charley has been more into her food than ever before. She devours her food and clears her plate faster than I do. The girl loves to eat! We’re encouraging her to slow down and also use signs for “more” and “all done.”

 broccoli florets and peas, cooked apples, diced carrots, jasmine rice and finely diced steak

 quartered meatballs, mixed veggies, and Annie’s mac & cheese

 diced cooked apples, roasted sweet potato, and a beef roast

 diced watermelon, roasted sweet potato, peas, carrots, and beef roast shredded

 diced peaches, broccoli florets, avocado chunks, and diced chicken breast

 watermelon, peas with parmesan, and Crock Pot chicken, potato and carrots

 diced peaches & strawberries, broccoli florets, carrots, chicken breast, and whole wheat pasta

chicken breast shredded, peas & carrots, and avocado chunks

Comment with additional ideas or questions!


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