Baby Led Weaning Gear

Baby Led Weaning is simply giving your baby solid foods versus purees. We took this approach with our daughter Charlotte. You can read all about it right here. It’s been almost six months since she took her first bites of food. We’ve tried out some different products and these are our favorites. None of these items are essential. Really, you can hold baby in your lap and they can eat from your plate or straight off the table. But, these products have made meal times easier and more fun.

Note: this post contains Amazon affiliate links.

High Chair

We have this Hauck Alpha Wooden Highchair. We received it as a Christmas gift for Charlotte from my mom. I wanted a wooden high chair that matched our dinning set. This one was the most affordable. I also liked that it transitions as baby grows. We really do like it, but the biggest con is that is is hard to keep clean. Charlotte makes a mess with her food and this chair has lots of places for food to get stuck. It is also a bit too tall for our table. I was hoping it would slide right under the table, but it does not. 
This is one of my favorite baby products we own – the ezpz Happy Mat. I wanted one, but didn’t want to spend the money on it. I ended up finding ours (in grey) on eBay for a little less than retail so I got it. It is worth every penny and I am so glad I bought it. All the pros: 
  • It suctions to the table so she can’t throw it. 
  • The divided sections allow her to scoop up her food. 
  • The surrounding placemat keeps the table clean & makes clean up easy.
  • It’s dishwasher safe & easily wipes clean.
Cons: none!

The company also makes some other mats. I’d like to get the bowl one too.


Charlotte’s school does not allow sippy cups (which I think is great) so I didn’t want her to have one at home either. Many times we use a shot glass for her to learn how to drink from a cup. I was also looking for something for her to use independently that would help her learn to drink from a cup. That’s when I found the Munchkin Miracle Cup. It has worked great. It is not leak proof, but I expected that.


We love the Tommee Tippie bibs. They catch anything she drops and are very easy to keep clean.

Lunch Containers

Charlotte attends the school where I work. I pack her a lunch & a snack every day. She and her friends sit at a little table with chairs to have a community lunch and snack. It is adorable. I most often pack her lunch in a Lock & Lock divided container – the one we have has been discontinued. It has three sections making it easy to put a protein, veggie & fruit. I also use one of their small round containers for her snack. I also use Target’s Up & Up small containers for snacks, but they are thin and already cracking. I also use Pyrex small containers when her lunch doesn’t need divided (casseroles). I also have a Thermos to send warm meals since they do not heat up lunches.

What are your favorite baby feeding products?


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