staycation days.

Charley and I are off school this week. I requested off in the winter without having any plans – I just wanted to secure that time off. I’m so glad I did it and loving being home without any set plans. We are very much enjoying the time together and getting a chance to do all the things we don’t always have time for. We’ve had Saturday, Sunday, Monday & today so far and the days have been full.

My brother & his girlfriend brought her a tiny adirondack chair which she loves to sit in. She’s spent time with grandparents & went to her cousin Jacob’s first birthday party. We’ve gone on walk where she’s collected leaves. The girl loves trees & leaves. Many books have been read. She’s now picking out books and handing them to me to read to her. So sweet. We’ve finger painted and drawn with crayons. Time spent outdoors has been wonderful. She’s explored the grass, bark, a creek, log, rocks, mulch and had some playground swing time. She also had her first trip to the local library. She climbed on the pretend trains and picked some books off the shelf. We checked out a birthday book and two books about cows. She is very into cows and the “moo” sound. My girl is growing up and it makes my mama heart ache but also so proud. We’re having a lot of fun together these days. 

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