packed lunches for baby – june 15

My daughter (11 months old) attends the school I work at. It is a RIE & Reggio Emilia inspired school. Each day I pack her a lunch and an afternoon snack. She and her five friends sit at a small table with chairs and have lunch and snack together with their teachers. To encourage a family style meal where all children eat together, the school does not heat up lunches. She has cold meals or uses a Thermos.

snack: bite sized homemade pancakes (batter included banana, applesauce and yogurt)
lunch: peas & carrots, mac and cheese, avocado and mandarin oranges
snack: cantaloupe and Plum Organics puffs  – we typically don’t give her puffs but I bought some as an emergency snack while at an all day event and we need to use them up. 
lunch: raspberries and mac and cheese with turkey and peas

 snack: a homemade mini strawberry & blueberry oat muffin cut into quarters
lunch: sugar snap peas, cheese, diced chicken, strawberries

 snack: watermelon diced
lunch: mini zucchini & beef meatloaf, roasted russet potatoes cut into cubes and halved grapes
– she loved this meal! –

this was for a day trip, not school
snacks: Plum Organics Apple & Spinach Puffs and halved grapes
lunch: diced watermelon, sharp cheddar cheese, diced chicken tenderloins, and broccoli florets


3 thoughts on “packed lunches for baby – june 15

  1. I know this post is from a while ago, but do you remember where you got the 3 divided tupperware? Or what brand it is? It looks perfect for sending food to daycare!


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