dinner ideas for baby – june 16

Charlotte continues to be pickier than usual. She always eats her fruit, usually her proteins, hardly eats vegetables. I’m hoping it is just a quick phase!

 ham & hummus pinwheels – I take a slice of whole wheat bread, cut off the crust and roll it thin with a rolling pin. Then spread hummus over it and a slice of thin turkey. Roll it up and slice it.
strawberries & grapes
 blueberries & raspberries halved
peas & carrots
chicken, spinach & cheese ravioli with tomato basil pasta sauce
 raspberries & nectarine
peas & carrots with some pasta sauce
ham & hummus pinwheel sandwiches
 watermelon wedge – she thought this was the best!
roasted russet potatoes 
zucchini & beef meatloaf cooked in a mini cupcake tin
(we had dinner on the patio-loving this warm weather!)
broccoli florets
blueberries & strawberries
ground beef with taco cheese

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