breakfast for baby – June 20

Charlotte now has four top teeth and 2.5 bottom teeth at 11 months old. She has discovered that her teeth are able to bite into foods so she has enjoyed larger pieces of food that she can hold and take bites from. We are also slowly introducing whole milk as she is getting close to a year old and we will be transitioning from breastmilk/formula in a bottle to milk in a cup.

halved grapes
french toast sticks (egg, whole milk, cinnamon & whole wheat bread)
french toast sticks
black beans & green beans (weird for breakfast, I know, but I wanted to use them up. She thought it was weird too. Didn’t eat ’em.)
cantaloupe thinly sliced
 whole wheat toast with a little butter (no salt added)
strawberries sliced, banana quartered, blueberries halved
scrambled eggs

mandarin oranges (from a fruit cup with no added sugar/syrup) – she loves these and they’re so easy to prepare!
scrambled eggs
mini shredded wheat (get a brand with no salt or sugar added) soaked in whole milk – she also loved this
we are slowly transitioning her to whole milk by introducing it in small quantities. the cereal is perfect for this.

 smoothie: whole milk, banana, strawberries and cherries (another way to introduce cow’s milk)
mini shredded wheat with whole milk
She is loving this cereal & it’s a good thing since I bought a big box!

She’s still not sold on milk in a cup, but each day she is a little more accepting of it. On this morning she refused to try it. Once she took a sip she clapped for herself!

sliced banana
whole milk soaked mini shredded wheat

Her ez-pz mat was in the dishwasher a few morning so I used dishes and surprisingly she did very well with them (didn’t toss em). 


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