the end of our june staycation.

Our staycation has ended, sadly, and we returned to school Monday. When Charlotte was born in July I had a three month maternity leave. I loved every second of it and the transition back to work was very difficult. I am so lucky that Charlotte attends the school I work at so I get to peek in on her, I nurse her at every feeding, and have little pockets of time with her. Her teachers are lovely and our school’s philosophy is similar to my own. But, nothing is the same as being with her all day. At Christmas we had an extended stay home which was great. Since then we have only had weekends and the occasional day off. We really needed this week home to reconnect as a family.

Since my last post, we went hiking (twice), she shared an ice cream cone with us, had lots of time to play in the grass, sat in a river playing with rocks, went to the playground, saw a waterfall, got scared of a centipede, played in the sand & lake, had a picnic, celebrated her first Father’s Day with her daddy and grandfathers, and she walked! She stood up and took a few steps. She’s learning pretty quick and getting good at it.

Her birthday is in just a few weeks. She will be a year old. I just can’t believe it. I am grateful for this week home to soak in 11 month old Charley. This week made me completely aware that my baby isn’t a baby anymore. She’s becoming a toddler. She’s more independent and not requiring so much of us like those infant days. Now she wants to climb up the stairs rather than being held to go up! At first the thought of her reaching one year had me in tears, but after spending so much time with her this week I realize it’s going to be a lot of fun.

She has so much personality. She’s silly, determined, and oh so sweet. She’s intentional with her toys now. I love watching her brain work. After I brushed her teeth the other night she came up to me and started brushing my teeth. Her vocabulary increases daily. She clearly says Dada and Mama. She says “Ha” while waving. She’s saying a lot of words that we understand but aren’t clear: bottle, bubble, night night, book, no, and is mooing when seeing cow photos in her books. She hugs her baby doll and says, “awww.”

I sure do love my girl. I loved our week together & I’m looking forward to the next time off!


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