Charlotte 21 Months

Age: 21 months

Height/Weight: 32 inches tall and 30 pounds. You wear a 2T and 3T and a size 6 shoe.

Eating: You still eat pretty much anything (so happy you are not picky) but your favorites include anything sweet, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, and chicken. You also love anything you can dip.

Sleeping: We typically start our bedtime routine around 8 pm. Around 7:30 we go to your room (if we aren’t there yet) and play for a little.  Then you get a fresh diaper, pajamas, and you sit on my lap and we read books. Depending on how dinner went, you might eat a snack while we read. Then you give me a big hug and kiss and crawl into bed with your stuffed animals – usually giggling and covering them up with a blanket too. We say goodnight to your blinds, sound machine and lights. You get a final kiss and we say goodnight. When Daddy is not working he participates in this too. Unless something is bothering you, you sleep all night until 6:30-7 in the morning. But, if you wake up during the night you usually don’t go back to sleep and are awake for awhile! As for naps, you always take a good nap typically from 1-3 pm. We can always tell when it’s time for you to sleep because you get extra sassy!

Favorites: You continue to love your stuffed animals and baby dolls. Lately you have been playing doctor and giving them check-ups. It is so cute. You say “check up!” and then use a toy to check their ears, eyes and heart beat. Then you say, “All better! Healthy!” You also like your dollhouse, animal figurines, coloring, and sensory activities. You love to help around the house with cooking or chores. You love to be outside and collect flowers and rocks. You like to watch Singing Time (sign language), Curious George, Doc McStuffins and Peppa Pig.

Talking/Signing: You continue to use sign language and have a huge ASL vocabulary. You say a lot of words (more than I can list) and are putting words together, saying short sentences and phrases. Between signs and words we are able to have pretty good communication. When something is exciting/interesting you say, “Oh wow!”


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