Charlotte is Two

My sweet girl is two. Two! It makes me sad that time is going so fast, but it has been an incredible two years. It’s so fascinating watching her personality develop. She is talking so much and constantly making us laugh with her sassy personality and wit. She is too smart for us now. Today she asked for a popsicle. I told her we didn’t have any – I didn’t want to clean up the aftermath. She walked to the freezer, opened it up, and brought me two popsicles and said, “Have it!”

She has a spirit for adventure, exploring and figuring everything out. She loves animals, nature and being outside. She loves to get a reaction from us and make us laugh. She is determined, stubborn and knows exactly what she wants. These are great traits to have as she gets older, but can make parenting tough! She is brave, a thrill seeker, and loves to play rough – all traits I am lacking that I am so glad she has!

She is currently almost 33 pounds, wears 3T clothes and size 7 shoes. Girl is solid. She goes through phases of being picky or not wanting to eat much at all, but consistently loves all sweets/treats, fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, chicken, french fries,  and granola & fruit bars.

Our bedtime routine remains the same. She goes through phases of waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to sleep with us.

Baby dolls, stuffed animals, dollhouse, dressing up, doctor, her kitchen and all imaginative play is her current favorite when playing inside. She loves Peppa Pig, Curious George, Doc McStuffins, Elmo’s World and most recently the movie Moana.

Current favorite things she says & does:

  • Dramatically says “oh wow” when excited about something
  • Adds “all day long” onto the end of everything
  • Calls us “my daddy” and “my mommy.” For example, she’ll say, “Come here my daddy.”
  • Using the word “impossible” incorrectly and it’s adorable
  • Sings Moana songs and they’re all missed up and out of order, but she gets into it!
  • Does an Elvisesque like dance anytime music comes on or she’s excited about something
  • Tells us to “pit it out” (spit it out) when we’re eating and thinks it’s hilarious
  • Catches imaginary animals and cradles them and says they are “cute”
  • Asks for “stawburries” (strawberries) and eats them by the bowl full
  • Randomly tells us “love you”

So far two is pretty fun! Looking forward to another year of adventure.



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